Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Indian Symbols by Heike Owusu


The whale is the keeper of the history of the Earth and her secrets. The memory of the legendary Motherland Mu, which laid in the west of America and which was kept alive by all Indian Tribes, is kept alive by the whales. Once he was the witness of a big catastrophe of which the motherland was a victim

People with whale power often have sharp hearing and with this gift, they can call on all the universal information. (all the information stored in the universe)

They often have telepathic powers. In many cases they don't know the source of their knowledge, and in time it becomes clear how to use their gifts/power.

The whale teaches the people to find their own “source tone” (what is from the beginning, a “musical note”) and to connect with this, because he carries the history of all living beings within.

He shows that the right frequency can have healing power. With his help, you can learn to connect with this ancient language, which was used to develop current languages as a communication tool.

The whale shows you the way to your own spiritual meaning


The dolphin teaches us the way of the breath, which connects us with life and the power of life. By changing the rhythm of our breath we can creates bridges to other beings and worlds. Because the breath connects us with the Great Spirit and his total creation.

People with dolphin power, just like their totem animal, can be an interface between the people and the ancestors of the dreamtime or the “godly power”

The dolphin teaches us to overcome barriers, without force, and with pleasure, so you can change your rhythm and your energy pattern. Create a bond with the people of the stars. Free yourself of all burdens by breathing out powerfully and consciously.

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